Tortola : Day 14

The final day of our trip : the saddest day of all. My month long vacation and two week trip to the islands was finally coming to an end. Needless to say, we were all pretty depressed in Tortola. We checked the boat back into the charter company, The Moorings, and checked into The Mariner Inn. Most people that are chartering a boat out of Tortola stay at this hotel as it is in the main marina. 

 Image from Sail Magazine of The Mariner Inn.

Image from Sail Magazine of The Mariner Inn.

We got settled into our rooms and I took the best nap I've ever had in my life. Seven days sleeping on a muggy sailboat had me excited for a hot shower and cold AC. We decided to grab our last dinner in the BVI's at Charlie's - the restaurant on the property. The pizza and wine helped us drown our sorrows as we reminisced about our favorite parts of the trip. 

Be prepared to be a bit wobbly getting off of the sailboat for the first time in a week - the room looks as if it's moving and may make you think you're drunk. The ReliefBand really helps to curb the nausea while you get your land legs back.

We did spend part of the day shopping in the tourist area where all of the cruise ship people are dropped off; however, I would strongly advise against it. I can enjoy some tourist fun, but there was nothing even remotely interesting to share. If you've read any other articles of mine, you know that we try to stay away from the over-crowded/cruise ship-tourist hot-spots or at the very least, get to a destination before they arrive. For fear of sounding uppity, I should note that there is nothing inherently wrong with "cruise people", but when 2000 people are let off of a boat at the same time to visit the same spot within a two hour window, it creates a hectic and crowded scene. Also, there is nothing wrong with cruises if that is your thing, I just strongly prefer to plan my own trips and not be herded around like cattle. Rant over.

Tortola is the largest island in the BVI's, so I am sure there are plenty of other fun things to do and see - however I spent very little time on the island so I am afraid I can not offer the best travel advice. However, I have heard that the Bananakeet Cafe and Brandywine are excellent restaurant choices if you're looking to dine at the best! Get ready to spend some serious cash at Brandywine, though.

Next time I go back I will be sure to explore Tortola more - please give me suggestions on your favorite places on the island!

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