Norman and Peter Island : Day 8

By the start of the second day on the catamaran, I started feeling more comfortable with sailing and got into a rhythm of making breakfast/coffee for everyone in the morning (I'm limited to cooking breakfast, as I am not much of a cook - thankfully my fiance is :)). The ReliefBand really helped with the nausea and I was no longer hungover from my friend's wedding - yay! We sailed to Norman Island, the island that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's book, Treasure Island, which later inspired the movie series The Pirates of the Caribbean. I LOVED those movies growing up, so seeing what inspired their production was very cool. 

There is a restaurant called Pirates Bight and a beach club called The Club - but we simply moored near the caves for the day to do some snorkeling. We spent the day jumping off the top of the catamaran into the turquoise waters and exploring the caves. Absolutely gorgeous!

 The caves at Norman Island!

The caves at Norman Island!

Rumor has it that pirates used to bury their treasure on Norman Island - leading pirates, generals and now tourists to dig around - hoping to find some of the lost treasure of Owen Lloyd from the 18th century. Pretty cool!

We ended the day by picking up a mooring at Peter's Island. Like Norman Island, Peter Island is privately owned. It houses a luxury resort and multiple gorgeous beaches. We simply cooked out in one of the more quiet bays and fished off the back of the cat while enjoying the sunset.

It was a pretty slow and relaxed 2nd day on the cat - no complaints!

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