Gotta go to the Abacos...

Go go go to Abaco! The Gully Roosters are "the most famous band from the Bahamas" and lord are their songs catchy. It's been a week since I've been back from the Bahamas and I sure do miss it. I am known for falling into a "vacation depression" after a trip, so my wonderful friends put on some Caribbean tunes and made me some shrimp and grits (my all-time favorite dish!) to help me get through this VD this morning. 

My lovely parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in the Bahamas with just the immediate family in tow. It was a very simple a lovely ceremony, followed by a delicious traditional Bahamian lunch - complete with peas and rice! The property that we stayed at had an abundance of flowers, coconuts, and seashells which we used for decor during their vow renewal. After lunch, we jetted off to explore some different islands on our speed boat. Super casual and fun - we wouldn't have it any other way!

Top Island Picks

Green Turtle Cay

Our Airbnb rental was on Green Turtle Cay. It is a super sleep but colorful little island, only a couple miles across. It is home to the Green Turtle Club which hosts the biggest lion fish tournament in the Bahamas every year. Our house was older, but had a unique charm and was set on gorgeous grounds filled with tropical flowers and fresh coconuts! The back view was towards the bay and the front view led you on a palm tree filled path to the ocean and Gillam Bay. 


A couple of great restaurants are the Lizard Bar & Grill (best fried grouper I've ever had), The Green Turtle Club, and of course - Pineapples. People come from all over the Bahamas to hang out at Pineapples, a small and colorful bar where the bartender is super friendly and will give you a "Corona chill" - a Corona with a shot of lemon vodka on top. Sure to get you buzzed! They also have some of the best conch fritters and conch quesadillas in the Bahamas. We came to Pineapples almost every night as it is one of the only bars that stays open late on the island.


If you're into diving, Brendal's Dive Center is world renowned. Brendal has dived with plenty of famous people including Jacques Cousteau! Not to mention the 70+ year old man is in better shape than I could ever hope to be. It was my first scuba diving experience and it was incredible!

 Scuba dorks at Brendal Dive Center

Scuba dorks at Brendal Dive Center

Manjack Cay

The perfect island for some alone time! There was only one other person we saw the entire time we spent on the island. There are some small pavilions built along the white sand beaches, but other than that there is no other infrastructure. There is only one dock to access the island and there are stingrays swimming all over the place! Such a magical and quiet little island. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch and some towels to lay on!

Man-O-War Cay

I thought my dad was kidding when he said it was a dry island. I proceeded to order a screwdriver with lunch at the Dock and Dine and was scolded by the waitress. Note to visitors : it really is a dry island. Man-o-war Cay is known for it's boat building industry. We grabbed lunch and perused the shops. There was a cool shop called Albury's Sail Shop that made tote bags out of canvas sails, naturally we grabbed a few as gifts for friends since you can't get them anywhere else (they don't even ship online!). It was a particularly hot day when we visited the island so we grabbed ice cream as we continued on our way! I would say this is a great place to visit for a few hours as there isn't much to do outside of the few shops restaurants!

Great Guana

Coming from the dry island, I was about ready for something cold and smooth (no not more ice cream). Nipper's on Great Guana sounded like the perfect spot! If you're looking for a good time, you've come to the right place. The wooden restaurant/bar has a colorfully painted and tropical deck, complete with volleyball courts on the beach, two pools, and more colorful umbrellas! It is the ultimate in tropical party fun. Nipper's is world renowned for being the Bahamian hot spot for a good time. They have a pig roast every Sunday on the beach that has been known to get pretty wild. Be sure to try their famous Nipper Juice and good luck!

No Name Cay

No Bahamas Trip would be complete without visiting the famous Bahamas Swimming pigs! They are on a number of different islands throughout the Bahamas, but we visited No Name Cay. There were plenty of adorable little baby swimming piggies! We gathered all of our leftover scraps of food and tried to lure them into letting us hold them. Mama Pig didn't like us trying to catch her babies so we quickly abandoned that mission. The swimming pigs are a must see tourist attraction!

Our trip was a fantastic mix of adventure and total relaxation. Some of my favorite nights were simply spent cooking out in our rental and enjoying the view. Next time we visit, I would like to check out these islands:

  • Rum Cay
  • San Salvador
  • Andros
  • Bimini
  • The Exumas
  • Cat Island

Did I miss any of the highlights on these islands? There's always next time, for now I will eat my shrimp and grits and reminisce on fond memories in The Abacos.

Kat - Wander Life