Beef Island, Trellis Bay : Day 9

For anyone interested in local art and farmers market food, Trellis Bay is for you. We spent the day perusing Aragorn's Studio, checking out the various artist's pottery, paintings, canoes, and the fire sculptures that line the beach. The fire sculptures are lit up on holidays and during the infamous "Full Moon" parties that the islands are known for. We watched Debbie and Liz (the pottery queens) in action in their studio and proceeded to purchase a couple of handmade mugs. Mugs are the only real "souvenir" I ever purchase because I love drinking coffee and reminiscing on the places I've been. Also you can hide them in a cupboard and not have your kitschy tourist items on display.

We stocked up on some more fresh veggies, local eggs, and of course more coffee, beer, and wine. All the necessities to keep everyone aboard happy. Their Island Coffee is a must-try! I miss waking up at sunrise on the cat and brewing a fresh pot of island coffee. Trellis Bay is also a good spot to grab some extra cash at the airport if you're running low, it's a short walk from Aragorn's Studio.

We grabbed lunch at De Loose Mongoose - a great spot to watch the boats coming into the harbor while sipping on your daily dose of Painkillers. They have wifi (although spotty, like most wifi hotspots in the islands) so you can update loved ones on your whereabouts. After a late lunch, we motored across to Marina Cay for the evening.

Any good spots I missed in Trellis Bay?


Kat Reagan WaldripComment